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Taxi driver's murder: suspect to be slapped with 17-year sentence

  • Adham was arrested on 19 December and has since confessed to the murder
  • Following his confession, he faces a jail term of 17 years and six months
  • He confessed to having attempted to mug people as he was asked to move out following a delay in rent payment

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The Criminal Court of the Maldives is to schedule a verdict hearing in the murder case of 59-year old taxi driver Gasim Hassan.

In the last hearing of the case, the suspect, Adham Mohamed, 21, was charged with first degree murder under the Act on Prohibiting ‎Threatening and Possession of Dangerous Weapons and Sharp ‎Objects. During the preliminary hearing in the trial, Adham confessed to the murder, however, he asserted that he had “never intended to kill him” but rather to “rob him”.

During the hearing on Wednesday, witness statements from the Prosecutor General’s Office and Adham’s confession were heard.

Although the initial sentence is for 25 years in prison, Adham faces a 17-year and 6-month prison sentence, after his confession.

State prosecutors detailed Adham’s actions and how the murder was carried out during the hearing, and Adham confessed to every detail.

Further, when asked whether he was being coerced to confess by the presiding judge, Ismail Rasheed, Adham stated that he made the confession on his own free will. However, he added that he attacked Gasim in a state of intoxication. When questioned if he was intoxicated under the influence of another party, he refuted it.

It was revealed that Adham starting mugging people at a point he was asked to move out of his house, due to failure in paying rent money.

The presiding judge has since accepted state witness statements as well as Adham’s confession.

The verdict hearing has been scheduled to 11:30am on 18 February.

Adham was arrested on 19 December, after Gasim’s dead body was discovered lying face-down in a puddle of blood on the road in Hulhumalé on 4 December.

Maldives Police Service (MPS) earlier confirmed that Adham has a long criminal history including theft.

While police confirmed that the victim was stabbed once, he had defense wounds on his hands as well, where he grabbed the knife in order to escape.

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