Attacks on Toursits

Six suspected extremists arrested over attack on foreigners

  • All arrested are Maldivians
  • Further details have not been disclosed as the case is under investigations
  • The three foreigners - two Chinese and one Australian - were attacked on 4th February

Zunana Zalif

K. Male' 2020 Feb 07 | Fri 07:22 6,181 local

The attack took place on 4th February - RaajjeMV

Following an attack on three foreigners in capital city Malé’s suburban extension Hulhumalé earlier this week, authorities have arrested a total of six individuals.

Three male foreigners -two Chinese and one Australian- were attacked in Hulhumalé a little past 8pm on Tuesday.

During a press briefing on Thursday night, Head of MPS Serious and Organized Crime Department, Superintendent of Police Hassan Shifau revealed that five Maldivians were arrested in connection to the attack.

However, authorities arrested an additional person later on.

Police refrained from disclosing further details regarding the arrested individuals as the case is under further investigations.

Authorities earlier revealed that the attack was carried out by suspected extremists, after a video showing a group of masked men taking responsibility for the attack, went viral on social media. The men in the video made additional threats against tourists.

Following this, police began investigating the validity of the video, and further noted that the status of the victims is being monitored closely.

During Thursday’s press conference, Shifau went on to urge the public to refrain from publicizing such videos as it is a criminal offense.

Shedding light on the attack on a Turkish tourist during December, police stated that they are investigating whether the attack is linked to the recent attack in any way.

Shifau went on to assure the public that the perpetrators will be brought to justice.

One of the victims has been released from the hospital after treatment, however, the remaining two are still receiving treatment. All three are in stable condition, added police.

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