Road accident leaves newly developing park's fence dented

  • No injuries reported in the accident

K. Male' 2020 Jan 17 | Fri 17:36 local 362,364

The accident occurred early Friday - Social Media

A road accident occurred after a car lost control and crashed near the Sinamalé Bridge.

The accident occurred early Friday and the car was racing on its way to the bridge, when it lost control and crashed into the fence of the park near the bridge.

While no injuries have been reported in the accident, the fence of the newly developing “Jazeera Park” has been severely dented.

Traffic officers were active in the scene where the accident occurred, however, RaajjeMV was unable to attain a comment from authorities at the time of publishing.

There has been a hike in recent days, with the latest such accident occurring when three cars collided into one another.

This being said, the authorities had even removed the speed breakers on the bridge in an attempt to “control the number of accidents”.

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