Dr. Afrasheem Ali

Commission's report shows ties between ex-pres. and man assigned to murder MP

  • This was revealed is a statement by one of former President Yameen's former allies; ex-MP Nazim
  • Nazim said that he first met Rauf in 2007, at Yameen's office
  • Rauf is to have gone there to collect cash

K. Male' 2019 Nov 16 | Sat 21:09 local 5,948

Azlif Rauf - police

Former President Abdulla Yameen has ties to the individual instructed to carry out Dr. Afrasheem Ali’s murder, reveals the investigative report by the presidential inquiry commission.

The Commission on Murders and Enforced Disappearances was formed on the incumbent president’s first day in office last November. Finding the truth behind murders and disappearances is one of his electoral pledges.

The commission’s report on the Ungoofaaru constituency MP's 2012 murder was sent to the President’s Office earlier this month, who forwarded it to the relevant institutions last week.

While the report is yet to be publicized, some media outlets have been reporting on its findings, including that the report shows no proof of political motivation behind the murder, or an exchange of cash, and that then-Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) officer Azlif Rauf was assigned the murder by a religious group.

The report also includes a statement from one of the former president’s former allies, former Dhiggaru constituency MP Ahmed Nazim.

Nazim said that he first met Rauf in 2007, in Yameen’s office. Noting that Rauf is to have gone there due to ties with his family. Nazim had told the commission that Rauf and Yameen’s brother Bunyamin are brothers in law; their wives are siblings.

He alleged that Bunyamin is a drug dealer and that Yameen had “contributed” to it, adding that a number of such individuals met with the former president every day.

Nazim added that Rauf met with Yameen “to collect cash” but that he was unaware of the network.

Further noting that he was with Yameen almost every single Friday, the former MP said that Yameen had never spoken to him about Dr. Afrasheem’s murder.

Nazim's statement also revealed that he had seen the former president meeting with Hussain “Rabarey” Razeen, who was killed in Sri Lanka in 2015, at one point.

The commission’s report shows that Hussain Humaam and Ali Shan had committed the murder on Rauf’s orders. Humaam was convicted and sentenced to death over the murder, while Shan was initially arrested but released later.

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