Judicial Service Commission

MP Hisaan appointed president of JSC

  • Justice Abdulla Areef resigned on Wednesday
  • RaajjeMV understands that the justice resigned due to health complications
  • JSC announced Hisaan's appointment to the post in the evening

K. Male' 2019 Nov 13 | Wed 16:35 local 2,526

MP Hisaan Hussain - Majlis

Hisaan Hussain has been appointed as the president of the Judicial Service Commission (JSC), following Justice Abdulla Areef’s resignation from the post.

While JSC’s secretary general Izmeera Shiham had confirmed this to RaajjeMV on Wednesday, JSC announced Hisaan’s appointment to the post via a statement later.

RaajjeMV understands that the justice resigned due to health complications; he was the Supreme Court’s representative at the commission and was appointed in July 2017.

Hisaan Hussan, the parliament member for Thulhadhoo constituency, was appointed to JSC as the parliament representative in June.

The Judicial Service Commission comprises of the speaker, a member elected by the Parliament, a Supreme Court judge, Attorney General, a lower court judge, a judge from the High Court, the President of the Civil Service Commission, a member nominated by the President, a general member nominated by the parliament, and an attorney.

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