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MP Nazim to remain with JP, despite resigning as Gasim's political advisor

  • MP Nazim resigned as political advisor to JP leader earlier in November
  • He was appointed in November 2018
  • He resigned due to hindrances in getting involved with the party’s work as his own work schedule clashes with it

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Nazim vowed to be a loyal member of the party, when he was appointed as political advisor to Gasim on 12 November, 2018 - Mohamed Sharuhaan

Former Defense Minister Colonel (Rtd) and MP for Dhangethi constituency, Mohamed Nazim has asserted that he does not plan to join another party and that he will remain with the party.

The lawmaker resigned from his post as political advisor to Jumhooree Party (JP) leader Qasim Ibrahim earlier in November.

While he resigned due to hindrances in getting involved with the party’s work as his own work schedule clashes with it, he MP told RaajjeMV that he does not wish to leave the party.

Sources earlier reported that MP Nazim made the decision as he is “dissatisfied” with where the party is headed and he has even been observably distant from JP activities, for a while now.

Nazim was not in attendance at several of the party activities, held to announce new membership.

Nazim was appointed to the post on 12 November, 2018, the day he signed onto the party. He currently holds the post of Deputy Leader of the party as well, having been appointed in May.

Others who currently hold the position include former Vice President Dr. Mohamed Jameel Ahmed, Managing Director at Maldives Water and Sewerage Company (MWSC) Adam Azim and former Commissioner of Police and MP for Thimarafushi constituency, Abdulla Riyaz.

The frontlines of JP activities are currently led by former members of now-opposition Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM), who worked closely with former President Abdulla Yameen during his five-year tenure. Several then-opposition members who were staunch activists and campaigners for the former president, have since signed onto JP.

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