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Ooredoo makes services free for a day following Friday's fire

  • The fire was reported a little past 7pm on Friday
  • Ooredoo ill not charge for Viber calls and messages and Twitter usage as well

K. Male' 2019 Sep 21 | Sat 18:36 local 2,516

Ooredoo officials give press conference - Ooredoo

Ooredoo Maldives has made free, all calls through their network, for a period of 24-hours in support of those affected by the devastating fire on Friday

In the wake of the fire that took one life and affected hundreds, the telecom provider has also announced its decision not to charge data for Viber calls and messages and Twitter users who use the network.

Assuring that the company stands with the people, Ooredoo revealed that this ease will allow customers to reach out to family and friends of distressed individuals.

The fire was reported a little past 7pm on Friday when an explosion occurs inside a warehouse storing hazardous chemicals.

It soon spread into several homes on the road and some of the vehicles parked on the road had caught fire as well. While a building had crumbled in the incident, authorities took hours to extinguish the toxic flames, after which the burned body of a woman was found inside her apartment.

Those distressed have since been relocated and locals have been providing aid generously since late Friday.

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