Elections Commission of the Maldives

ECM to establish electronic system for re-registration process

  • ECM currently analyzing if this system may be established in the country
  • The establishment of the system will offer solutions for those having to wait in queues for a long time
  • ECM also working to increase ballot boxes for Local Council Elections

Zunana Zalif

K. Male' 2019 Jul 15 | Mon 09:23 2,344 local

Amjad Musthafa, Vice President of the Elections Commission - Shuaib Mohamed Iqbal

Elections Commission of the Maldives (ECM) has revealed plans to establish an electronic system in order to make the re-registration process for the upcoming Local Council elections, more efficient.

Speaking on RaajjeTV’s “Fala Surukhee” program on Sunday night, Vice President of the commission, Amjad Musthafa revealed that the biggest issue they face during elections is difficulties faced during the re-registration process.

During the Presidential Elections held in September 2018, the most complaints received by the commission were regarding re-registration, Amjad added, revealing ECM’s ongoing efforts to establish the electronic system.

“Using an electronic system will make the re-registration process easier. We think we might be able to establish such a system. We are working to see if the establishment of such a system is possible in the Maldives”

~ Amjad Musthafa

Further, Amjad stated that if the commission’s findings reveal that such a system may be established in the country, they will be placing electronic machines in some locations which will make the re-registration process easier for the voters.

Based on previous experiences, ECM has also decided to place more ballot boxes across the nation for the Local Council elections.

Amjad further revealed that ECM highly prioritizes paving a way for voters to cast their ballots without having to queue up for longer hours.

While three sheets of the results are required to be prepared for each constituency during the Local Council elections, the ballot counting process takes as long as two days to complete as several candidates vie during this election.

Further, Amjad revealed the commission’s plan to introduce carbonless paper for the upcoming election.

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