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Case against Family Court judge Huzaifa filed at JSC

  • A Family Court employee accused Judge Huzaifa of having a personal grudge

Humaam Ali

K. Male' 2019 Jun 18 | Tue 07:46 4,766 local

Judge Huzaifa - RaajjeMV

Judicial Service Commission (JSC) has received a case regarding Family Court judge Huzaifa Mohamed.

In the case filed on Monday, a Family Court employee accused Judge Huzaifa of making false statements and attempting to "frame the employee."

The employee accused the Judge of having a personal grudge over the dismissal of the court’s marriage register Ahmed Abdulla after he was accused of handling Hajj Group's financial transactions at the court.

A court worker told RaajjeMV that the Judge has a personal grudge against the employee for voicing concern and filing a complaint against Abdulla for allegedly doing Hajj Group’s work at the court.

The worker said that Judge Huzaifa had known about Abdulla’s work and defended him.

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