Attorney General Ibrahim Riffath

Nasheed defends AG Riffath, following corruption allegations

  • The attorney general has been accused of attempting to take bribes in the Dheebaajaa Investments case

Aishath Shaany

K. Male' 2019 May 16 | Thu 15:50 852 local

Attorney General Ibrahim Riffath - Mohamed Sharuhaan

Former President Mohamed Nasheed has expressed confidence in Attorney General Ibrahim Riffath, who has recently faced allegations of corruption.

The attorney general has been accused of attempting to take bribes in the Dheebaajaa Investments case, as well as some other cases which were concluded since President Ibrahim Mohamed Office assumed presidency. He is also accused of offering compensation for those mistreated by the former government.

The former president defended him via twitter on Wednesday, saying that he does not believe that Riffath could be involved in any acts of corruption.

Riffath was part of Nasheed’s esteemed legal team that worked to free him following the 2015 arrest and subsequent conviction.

“In my opinion, and through my experience, Riffath is full of integrity,” reads the tweet.

The attorney general had also taken to twitter, to deny the allegations against him.

“I never asked for illicit enrichment nor benefited from corrupt deals in my career. Left my private practice to serve the people. I always strive to discharge my duties honorably. Allegations of corruption made against me are untrue. I will protect public coffers from corruption,” reads the tweet sent out on Saturday.

The Ministry of Economics contracted Dheebaajaa Investments to provide ferry services to four atolls in the Northern Province, during former President Mohamed Nasheed’s administration in 2010. However, the agreement was annulled in 2013, during the presidency of Mohamed Waheed.

While a case was filed at the Civil Court, it ruled for the state to pay MVR 348 million to the company, on 23 October 2014. The order was appealed at the High Court on 17 May 2015, who overturned the lower court order on 26 June 2018.

However, the Supreme Court upheld the Civil Court verdict on 17 April 2019, noting that the High Court appeal was made “after the specified deadline.”

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