Death of expatriates

41-yo Bangladeshi dies after hitting boat propeller

  • The man fell into the water, hitting the propeller of the boat he was steering

K. Male' 2019 May 02 | Thu 16:19 local 2,052

Expatriate workers in capital city Malé - Mohamed Sharuhaan

An expatriate has died after being hit by the propeller of a boat he was steering.

Maldives Police Service (MPS) revealed that the 41-year-old Bangladeshi man had died after falling off the boat while steering.

Police received the report a little after 11am on Thursday.

The man had been working as a sailor in a diving ship from Haveli Resort in Alif Alif atoll.

The 41-year-old had evidently fallen into the water upon starting the vessel and hit his head in the propeller. Eye witnesses reported that the man’s shirt had been caught in the propeller.

While police have taken on investigations into his death, the Bangladeshi man was reported dead-on-arrival at the Atoll Hospital.

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