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Dengue in Feeali wide-spreading, residents turning positive every day

  • They had managed to control the spreading of dengue in early February
  • Dengue had begun spreading again by mid-February

Zunana Zalif

K. Male' 2019 Feb 26 | Tue 21:45 1,183 local

Feeali island in Faafu atoll - Raajjemv

Feeali Council has revealed tha two residents test positive to wide-spreading dengue in the island everyday.

Council deputy Moosa Ahmed revealed that although they had managed to control the wide spreading fever, it had again begun spreading from the 19th of February onward.

Stressing that they have been receiving more reports of dengue-stricken patients being brought in for treatment, Moosa revealed that children are more prone to the fever.

Further, Moosa cited the family of the six-year-old boy who tested positive to dengue and had to be brought to capital city Male’ for treatment on the 22nd of February, as having revealed that he is to be sent to India for treatment on Wednesday.

The island council stated that the fever had spread as they had been negligent in taking adequate measures to reduce the risk of the disease spreading in the island. However, RaajjeMV understands that the island council along with its residents have now begun work to take preventive measures.

As such, they have inspected road junctions near the residences of the children who have been diagnosed. Upon inspection, they had found that the junctions were in need of renovation.

While dengue began spreading in the island in early February, six children were brought to the capital out which two were sent abroad for further treatment. Condition of the children have since been reported stable.

Following the outbreak, the island’s school sessions had been temporarily halted on the 10th of February.

Residents and the council of Feeali, with a population of about 1,240, have begun eliminating mosquito infestations by using insecticide since it began spreading again in mid-February.

In addition, island residents are also suffering from diarrhea, revealed the island council. A team of doctors has since arrived in the island to assist.

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