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JP leader expresses 'disappointment' in ex-president Nasheed

  • While the coalition consists of four former opposition leaders, JP's Qasim on Tuesday night heavily criticized MDP leader former President Nasheed

Aishath Shaany

K. Male' 2019 Jan 16 | Wed 12:37 1,223 local

Former President Mohamed Nasheed with Qasim Ibrahim - Mohamed Fazeen

The ruling coalition seems to have hit a hitch as one of the leaders express "disappointment" towards another.

While the coalition consists of four former opposition leaders, Jumhooree Party (JP)'s Qasim Ibrahim on Tuesday night heavily criticized Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) leader former President Mohamed Nasheed.

At a ceremony held to welcome former police commissioner Abdulla Nawaz to the party, Qasim said Nasheed's recent statements have been a "shock" to him.

The former president, who is contesting in MDP's primary elections for the upcoming parliamentary elections, has been attending various campaign events by party members; the party's primary is to be held this Friday. Speaking at these events, Nasheed has said that it is important for MDP to receive majority in parliament to fulfill President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih's pledges to the people.

Claiming that Nasheed's statements "do not make sense," Qasim criticized the former president's actions during his time in office from November 2008 to February 2012.

"We have seen what [Nasheed] did when he was in power," the current parliament speaker said, adding that his Jumhooree Party had contributed to anything "good" done by Nasheed's administration.

While MDP's primary has also been focusing on 'saving the parliament from the influence of tycoons,' Qasim- a business magnate himself- said that these tycoons "are needed to achieve anything."

Despite the harsh words directed at Nasheed, Qasim assured that he will remain with the incumbent president "as long as he acts fairly."

Further noting that the coalition will remain intact, Qasim saluted President Solih for "reiterating that this is a coalition government."

Qasim's criticism towards Nasheed comes days after Dhihdhoo constituency MP Abdul Latheef Mohamed, who represents JP in parliament, proposed a bill that bans former presidents from contesting for parliament.

JP's parliamentary group leader, Kinbidhoo constituency MP Abdulla Riyaz has since said that MP Latheef had acted without consulting with the party and that he has been asked to withdraw the particular bill.

MDP said the "unconstitutional" bill is a direct attack on its leader.

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