President-elect Solih's Inauguration

Will never forget why the people elected me as president: Solih

  • 'The citizens desire to see the establishment of justice'
  • 'Will not favor for any citizen based on their votes'
  • 'Citizens voted to abolish corruption and to establish peace and justice'

Zunana Zalif

K. Male' 2018 Nov 17 | Sat 21:22 1,641 local

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih takes oath of office - Mohamed Sharuhaan

Maldives new President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has said that he will not forget “for a second” why Maldivians came out on the 23rd of September to elect him as President.

Speaking to the people for the first time after being elected as Maldives seventh President on Saturday, President Solih said that the people’s biggest hope is to see the establishment of justice in the country. President Solih further said that the citizens voted for him to establish justice, to abolish corruption and to bring back national peace. Highlighting that the people elected him to see him fulfil his pledge to assure every citizen is entitled to their basic rights, President Solih said that he will not forget his pledges to the people.

Noting that the people elected him as a coalition candidate, Solih asserted that the people must remember this.

“Citizens voted to bring back justice and peace. To abolish the culture of corruption and theft. They elected me because of my pledges to guarantee all basic rights to citizens such as housing, water and sewerage systems. I will not forget even one of these pledges” said Solih.

President Solih said that the law must be enforced and that a way must be paved for judges to justly carry out court proceedings without any influence. President Solih further stated that his government will not differentiate or favor a particular group, going on to pledge that his government will treat all citizens equally and no citizen will be left out.

The new President further assured the citizens that he will uphold his oath of office.

Solih also stated that although he won the September election, there are citizens who voted for his opponent and predecessor Abdulla Yameen, and that his government will serve for the nation without differentiating between those who cast their votes for his predecessor.

“Every single citizen voted for the person they believed could serve them and the nation best, that day. I am assuring all the citizens today that I will not consider your choice on the day of election, I will not differentiate between those who voted for me and against, I will serve for the nation and treat every citizen as an equal” said President Solih.

Highlighting that the hopes and aspirations of citizens have evaporated into thin air following the establishment of the new constitution, President Solih said that his government has begun work to bring everything back to the legal ambit and to establish justice. President Solih assured the citizens that all state affairs will be steered back to the path of justice, very soon.

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