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'Vishka' gets release date!

  • Directed by Ravee Farooq and produced by Aishath Rishmee
  • Was launched in May 2015
  • Release date coincides with Women's Day, "for a reason"

Aishath Shaany

K. Male' 2017 Feb 06 | Mon 06:19 3,254 entertainment

Producer, Aishath Rishmee is one of the main actors in the movie - Facebook

After a long wait, a release date for the eagerly anticipated movie 'Vishka' has been announced.

The film's producer, well-known actress Aishath Rishmee told RaajjeMV that the film is to be released on March 8.

She said that the release date coincides with Women's Day, as the movie is based on the life of a woman.

"We decided to release the movie on Women's Day as the movie is based on the life of a woman," said Rishmee.

Vishka is one of the most eagerly anticipated movies of 2016; its shooting and post-production work had been completed in 2016, and it was launched in May 2016. 

Vishka is directed by actor and one of the best dancers in the industry, Ravee Farooq, with a number of well-known actors starring in the movie; including Rishmee, Ravee and Ahmed Saeed.

The film's pre-production began in 2016, and its shooting started in February 2016, and will touch on various issues in the society.

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