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MBC warns pro-government TV channel to be wary with their content

  • Warned of action if content encouraging rebellion is broadcasted
  • 'Must refrain from broadcasting content that paves way for disruption of public peace'
  • This comes at a time EC President Shareef had filed six cases against Channel13

Zunana Zalif

K. Male' 2018 Oct 11 | Thu 16:33 774 local

Members at the Maldives Broadcasting Commission - president_office

Maldives Broadcasting Commission (MBC) has warned pro-government television station, Channel 13 to be attentive of the content they broadcast.

The commission revealed that they have been receiving multiple complaints against the station for continuously broadcasting fabricated content that defame Elections Commissioner Ahmed Shareef and the commission’s other members as well as publicizing reports accusing the EC of rigging the election in a way that creates distrust in the hearts of citizens on the validity of the election. MBC stated that the station had done this while the ruling Progressive Party of the Maldives (PPM) as well as both candidates contesting in the election had acknowledged and accepted the results of the polls.

MBC’s warning to the station comes at a time Elections Commissioner Shareef had himself, filed six complaints against the station under the Anti-Defamation and freedom of expression law, one of them being the issue of the station broadcasting pictures of the commission members, accusing them of fleeing after rigging the election.

MBC made the decision to give the channel a warning to be attentive of the content they broadcast, before taking any action against them under the Broadcasting Commission’s regulated, code of conduct and Anti-Defamation and freedom of expression law, at a commission meeting held on Wednesday night.

The commission appealed on the channel to broadcast political gatherings and protests under the code of practices on how peaceful gathering must be broadcasted, with intervals of 60 seconds.

MBC appealed on the channel to refrain from broadcasting content that could pave way for disruption of public peace and may provoke chaos, at a time of political turmoil in the country.

The commission also warned of action if the channel continues to broadcast content that target a specific group, that defame a specific party or provokes public outrage.

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