2018 Presidential Elections

The past five years have been filled with tyranny and corruption: Solih

  • 'Will bring an end to wasterful spending, and bring development instead'
  • Solih is currently on a campaign tour across Noonu and Shaviyani atolls
  • Solih partook in a campaign gathering held in Foakaidhoo island on Tuesday night

Zunana Zalif

K. Male' 2018 Sep 11 | Tue 23:45 1,233 local

Solih speaking to residents of Kudafari island in Noonu atoll - Raajjemv

The past five years have been ones filled with tyranny, where justice was wiped out and the whole nation was drenched in corruption, however, the nation will be saved after the 23rd of September, said Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, Joint Opposition Coalition’s Presidential candidate for the September election.

Speaking to residents of Kudafari island during his campaign trip across Noonu atoll, Solih said that the joint opposition coalition was formed for many reasons. Solih further stated that the past five years saw the most acts of corruption, tyranny and injustice in the country’s history.

Solih said that when the main opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) came into power in 2008, the state received an income of MVR eight billion, however, ever since the tax system was implemented, the state now receives an income of MVR 18 billion. Nonetheless, no additional developments have been brought to the country, because the current administration focuses on wasteful spending and deeds of corruption rather than development.

“One single sewerage system is being installed at the price of three systems. We will bring an end to this during a unity government led by the opposition coalition” said Solih.

Solih also pledged to establish a better health sector with better laboratory services.

Solih and team are currently on a campaign trip across Noonu and Shaviyani atolls, as such, a campaign gathering was held in Foakaidhoo island in Shaviyani atoll on Tuesday night.

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