2018 Presidential Election

MDP appeals on EC to provide a full list of foreign observers and monitors to be partaking in September polls

  • 51 foreign observers and 34 monitors will partake in Maldives Presidential Election
  • 'Will not give the slightest chance for vote rigging'
  • The Presidential Election is slated for 23rd September

Zunana Zalif

K. Male' 2018 Sep 10 | Mon 18:25 1,069 local

MDP Secretary General Anas Abdul Sattar - Mohamed Sharuhaan

The main opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has appealed on the Elections Commission (EC) to provide a list of foreign observers and monitors who are to take part in the upcoming Presidential Election.

In a letter signed by MDP Secretary General Anas Abdul Sattar, addressed to the commission, MDP stated that the EC had revealed 51 observers and 34 monitors will be partaking in the September election from the international community and went on to appeal on the EC to provide a list of said observers and monitors to the party.

While accusations have surfaced against the EC for attempting to rig the election, the Joint Opposition coalition continues to state that they will not allow vote rigging in the September polls and that the coalition will defeat President Yameen by a large margin.

The opposition coalition further claims that they will ensure vote rigging is not likely to happen as they will be stationing professional and watchful observers and monitors at polling stations on the day of the ballots, slated for 23rd September.

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