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Director Amjad to launch "Golden Jubilee Film Festival 2017"

  • Amjad has directed around 50 movies
  • He received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the seventh National Film Awards

Aishath Shaany

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Film-director, Amjad "Amjay" Ibrahim - Azmoon Ahmed

Legendary film-director, Amjad “Amjay” Ibrahim has decided to hold a film festival, titled Golden Jubilee Film Festival 2017.

Speaking to RaajjeMV, Amjad said his own films will be included in the festival.

He has directed a total of 50 films.

Preparations are underway. Will be showcasing around 17 movies,” said Amjad.

According to Amjad, they are currently “selecting the films” to be aired at the festival.

Noting that the goal is to hold the festival at the Olympus Theatre, Amjad said that a date for the festival can only be announced once they get a confirmation on the venue.

The price of the tickets will depend on how much it is to have the festival there,” said Amjad.

In order to include children, child friendly programs are to be aired as well.

Amjad was celebrated at the seventh National Film Awards in December 2016, where he was awarded Lifetime Achievement Award.

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