MP Ali Fazad

Amid reports of expulsion, ruling party expels MP Fazad, resulting in him losing Parliament seat

  • PPM’s disciplinary committee had received the request to expel MP Fazad on Wednesday
  • Fazad was also removed from the party's Viber group and other messaging groups
  • Fazad lost his seat in Parliament as well

Zunana Zalif

K. Male' 2018 Sep 07 | Fri 00:07 1,448 local

Member Fazad on Solih's campaign trip - Addu live

Member of Parliament for mid-Fuvahmulah Ali Fazad has been expelled from the ruling Progressive Party of the Maldives (PPM) following his alliance with the Joint Opposition parties in their campaign activities for the upcoming Presidential Election.

PPM’s disciplinary committee had on Thursday concluded an investigation into Fazad’s case which was received on Wednesday.  A letter sent to the MP on Thursday, reveals that Fazad had not used the opportunity granted to him to explain himself to the committee.

The letter also notes that Fazad, who is also a member of the Parliamentary Group, had been absent from recent party activities and that he had not been cooperating with party announcements nor has he been partaking in Parliamentary Group meetings at all of late.

The verdict stated in the letter reads that it was reached since Fazad had failed to comply with regulations and obey the policies of the party.

RaajjeMV also understands that Fazad has since been removed from the party’s Viber group and other messaging groups following his failure to pick up phone calls and since he ignored repeated advice against joining the opposition campaign activities.

With Fazad’s expulsion from the ruling party, he will also lose his seat in Parliament under the Anti-Defection law passed by the government.

While Fazad has been expelled from the ruling party, he is currently on a campaign trip across Haa Alif atoll with opposition Presidential candidate Solih.

Fazad was seen participating in the opening of the Joint Opposition campaign site in Male’ on Tuesday night and is accompanying Joint Opposition presidential candidate Ibrahim Mohamed Solih in his campaign trip to Haa Alif atoll who had now received backing from two of the three MPs representing the Fuvahmulah constituencies, including from former PPM member and North-Fuvahmulah MP Ali Shah, who has been working with the opposition for over a year.

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