Murder trial

Ibrahim funded the hit on Razeen, photo proof was sent by Bilaal

  • Razeen was murdered in November 2015
  • Ibrahim had traveled to SL in October 2015, met with Bilaal
  • Razeen was a prime suspect in the fatal stabbing of Ali Ishar in December 2007

Aishath Shaany

K. Male' 2017 Jan 11 | Wed 23:22 2,623 local

Ibrahim Abdul Rahman has been accused of paying MVR 15 million to kill Razeen - RaajjeMV

State prosecution alleges that Bilaal Mohamed Ahmed and Ibrahim Abdul Rahman had been involved in the murder of Hussain “Rabarey” Razeen, adding that the job was funded by Ibrahim.

Razeen was found with neck injuries lying face down at the periphery of an abandoned paddy field near the Tumbovila Bridge, Sri Lanka, in November 2015.

The first hearing for the case was held on Wednesday, where the prosecution alleged that Ibrahim had, in October 2015, traveled to Sri Lanka and met with Bilaal, providing him with the funding to carry out the job.

It alleged that Bilaal had, as proof, sent a photograph of Razeen’s body to Ibrahim.

Furthermore, it alleged that Ibrahim had sent Bilaal the rest of the amount, after Bilaal sent him proof that the job had been completed.

Ibrahim has been charged with accessory to murder using a weapon, as well as attempting to hide a murder.

Speaking at Wednesday's hearing, Ibrahim asked to be appointed a lawyer, following which the presiding judge, Ahmed Shakeel, gave him 15 days to do so.

While Ibrahim is currently under house arrest, state prosecutors sought that he be remanded under state custody until the end of the trial. However, Judge Shakeel said that the Court will issue a ruling on the matter at the hearing scheduled for January 23.

A team from Maldives Police Service had been sent to Sri Lanka to work with the Sri Lankan investigation team.

Razeen, who was living in Sri Lanka, was a prime suspect in the fatal stabbing of Ali Ishar in December 2007, a killing that sparked a cycle of gang-related murders in the capital. He had turned himself to police after an Interpol red notice was issued, but did not face trial due to lack of evidence.

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