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Coach slams decision to expel celebrated player from national football team

  • Ashfaq was expelled from the National Team after he had failed to turn up at a press conference that was held before the match against Bhutan in AFC qualifiers
  • Following Ashfaq's explusion, prominent player Assad Ali had retired from the National team
  • "Locals will no accept the biased decision to expel Ashfaq, looking into his history of challenging labors in the field"

Zunana Zalif

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Club Green Streats coach Ali Suzain - Facebook

After celebrated footballer Ali "Dhangadey" Ashfaq was dismissed from the national team, Club Green Streets Coach Ali Suzain said that the country will no longer see the rise of such celebrated figures if their careers end in such absurd manners.

He said that the respect forward Ali Ashfaq does not receive from his own people will not be given by outlanders.

Ashfaq was expelled from the National Footbal Team, after years of loyalty and determination given to Maldives football, after he had failed to attend a press conference held before the match against Bhutan in the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup Qualifiers.

Speaking on the matter of Ashfaq's much criticized expulsion from the National team on RaajjeTV's "Kulhivaru File" programme, coach Suzain said that Ashfaq had not gone to the press conference to speak on the matter as he is a camera conscious person who is particularly shy when it comes to speaking infront of the media.

Suzain further said that locals will not accept the biased decision to expell Ashfaq when looking into his history of challenging labors in the field.

The coach said that the respect locals do not give for national heroes will not be given by foreigners, adding that Ashfaq is a prominent footballer who the region's rival footballers see as the biggest competitor.

Following Ashfaq's expulsion, the captain band had been handed over to midfielder of Green Street and prominent player for the National team, Assad Ali who had shortly after Ashfaq's expulsion, confirmed his retirement from the National team through a tweet on the 27th of March after having expressed his dissatisfaction.

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