Jumeriah Vittaveli

Jumeriah Vittaveli to bring the 'winter cheer' to Maldives with the country's first ice rink

  • The ice rink is to be opened in early December
  • Built in partnership with Glice", the rink will be made of synthetic materials
  • General manage Amit said that the rink will be 'a perfect expression of our goal to always wow guests'

Aishath Shaany

K. Male' 2017 Nov 25 | Sat 17:41 3,253 business

Jumeirah Vittaveli to introduce first ice rink in the Maldives - The Telegraph

Jumeirah Vittaveli is to open the Maldives' first ice skating rink.

According to the five-star resort, the ice skating rink will be open in early December. The temperature is expected to average at around 27 degrees Celsius during the month.

While such artificial ice rinks are created 'by freezing a layer of water over a base of concrete,' Jumeirah's rink will be made of 'synthetic materials'.

"The ice rink has been built in partnership with Glice", said Jumeirah, adding that the company "offers ice skating indoor and outdoor anytime and in any climate conditions".

Jumeirah Vittaveli said that the purpose of introducing the ice skating rink is 'to transport the winter cheers into a tropical climate while still adhering to core beliefs as a property aiming to improve its sustainability whenever possible'.

Its general manage Amit Majumder said that the rink will be 'a perfect expression of [their] goal to always wow guests'.

"We have many guests who keep coming back to us and I often hear that one of the reasons for their returns is that they love to be surprised by our updates and developments each time they come," he said, adding that they have 'exciting changes' in store. These changes are to be announced soon.

Jumeirah Vittaveli, located just 20-minutes from the capital Malé City, was opened in 2011.

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