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24 Jun 2024 | Mon 15:45
Fishermen protesting in Addu City
Fishermen protesting in Addu City
Fishermen's protest
Families of Addu fishermen to join protest
Fishermen have made three demands to the government
The families joined Monday’s protests
Protestors have asserted that they would not stop rallying until the government is held accountable

The fisher community in the south of Maldives are to continue protesting and demanding against the seizure of the millions in due for their catch, weighed at MIFCO’s factory in Hulhumeedhoo district of southernmost Addu City.

Following discussions after Sunday night’s protest, fishermen decided that if the government does not pay heed to their demands, they would continue their rallies.

Speaking to RaajjeTV, a fisherman at the protest revealed that families of the protesting fishermen would join the protest on Monday evening, at the Maradhoo harbor region.

Following their relentless protests for three days now, Maldives Industrial Fisheries Company Ltd (MIFCO) on Sunday warned fishermen.

MIFCO has threatened to stop buying fish from the fishing boats of the protesting fishermen for a period of three months if fishermen continue to obstruct work at the fisheries complex in the area where the fishermen are protesting.

Following this, infuriated fishermen have stated that they would continue protesting even if MIFCO suspends them.

MIFCO has stressed that the company is facing major setbacks in operations which in turn has led to immense losses, following the protests at the Addu Fisheries Complex.

The protesting fishermen have been stressing that their families are in a dire situation as they have not been paid by MIFCO for their catches, for a long time.

Having painted a mesmerizing picture for the community, President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu came into power with huge promises made to fishermen. Some of the many promises he made to fishermen include fishermen would be paid in US dollars for their catch within the first 48 hours.

Muizzu had back then assured that if he is elected, fishermen would be paid in US dollars for their catch within the first 48 hours.

Addu fishermen have been demanding the government to settle their dues within at least 15 days, if it is unable to pay them within 24 hours.

The government is yet to respond to the demands made by the protesting fishermen.

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