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03 Jun 2024 | Mon 20:10
Corporal Mohamed Zaidhaange janaazaa rasmee izzathugai baavvaifi
Corporal Mohamed Zaidhaange janaazaa rasmee izzathugai baavvaifi
Corporal Mohamed Zaidhan
Corporal Mohamed Zaidhan laid to rest with military honors
His funeral was held in Ungoofaaru, his home island
A seven-gun salute was given
Zaidhan was the victim of a shark attack

Corporal Mohamed Zaidhan has been laid to rest, with military honors.

Zaidhan’s burial took place after the military funeral held in his native island, Ungoofaaru in Raa atoll, on Monday.

His funeral was held at the Ungoofaaru Islamic Center after Asr prayer on Monday. Several residents of the island as well as MNDF officers, attended the funeral.

A seven-gun salute was given by the soldiers at the funeral, held at the second level of the military honors.

Commander of the Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF)’s Northern Arean Command Brigadier General Ismail Shareef, Adjutant General Brigadier General Abdulla Ibrahim and Coast Guard Commandant Brigadier General Mohamed Saleem attended the funeral.

They met the late corporal’s family and offered condolences.

After the funeral, the national flag, which was laid on top of the coffin, was handed over to the family of Corporal Zaidhan.

Zaidhan was the victim of a shark attack, while undergoing a high-risk military training at sea, near Maavah island of Laamu atoll. The attack was reported at around 1pm, Sunday.

Zaidhan, 23, had attained serious injuries to his thigh and succumbed to injuries while receiving treatment at L. Gan Regional Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

He was pronounced dead by doctors at around 08:40pm on Sunday.

The MNDF flag is being flown at half-mast at the MNDF headquarters for two days starting Monday, to mourn the death of Zaidhan.

Zaidhan joined MNDF in 2019.

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