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08 May 2024 | Wed 16:25
People's Majlis building
People's Majlis building
Majlis sitting adjourned
Only 10 MPs attend, Majlis sitting adjourned
The quorum for a parliamentary sitting is 22
Although the quorum was not met, several MPs were present
Attempts were made to continue the sitting till 11am

Wednesday’s sitting of the People’s Majlis was adjourned as the legally-mandated quorum to hold a parliamentary sitting was not met.

The sitting was scheduled for 9am, Wednesday.

The legally-mandated quorum of 22 to hold a Majlis sitting was not met, even though there were repeated requests made to parliamentarians, to attend the sitting.

As such, repeated attempts were made to begin the sitting, on 9:30am and 10am, and even after 11am.

Speaker of Parliament Mohamed Aslam stated that although the quorum was not met, several lawmakers were present at the parliament premises. However, they had not attended the sitting even when the quorum bell was rung.

Only 10 lawmakers were present at Wednesday’s sitting.

Although 87 parliamentarians were elected to the 19th People’s Majlis tenure, only 80 remain.

“I have continuously waited for the quorum to be met. It is 11:05am now and the quorum has still not been met. Hence, I have decided to adjourn today’s sitting” Mohamed Aslam, Speaker of Parliament.

According to the Maldives’ Constitution, 22 lawmakers are required to be present from the assembly of 80 parliamentarians, in order to hold a sitting.

Several works remain pending including debating on the amendment proposed to the constitution of Maldives by MP for Addu Meedhoo constituency Rozaina Adam.

MP Rozaina has sought that the amendment to reserve 33 percent of the strength of the house for women be sent to a seven-member standing committee and passed by the 19th parliament.

The 19th parliament tenure is set to conclude next week and the 20th parliament tenure’s lawmakers will be sworn in on 28 May 2024.

The current parliament assembly will expire on 15 May 2024, with the last sitting slated for 13 May 2024.

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Reviewed by: Maryam Dhaanish Nasheed