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20 Apr 2024 | Sat 17:22
'Farihi 2' boat
'Farihi 2' boat
Search for a missing vessel
440 nautical miles scanned in search of 'Farihi 2'
Efforts are underway to locate the boat using UAVs
Individuals on the boat were traveling to Maduvvari island from Maafushi island
Three Maldivian men were onboard

A total of 440 nautical miles have been searched to locate a missing diving vessel.

The Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) revealed that they have searched land and sea areas spanning 440 nautical miles, for the boat named ‘Farihi 2’ that went missing on Friday evening.

The report of three individuals who had gone out to sea for fishing, was received by authorities around 10pm on Friday.

According to sources, the missing boat had 3 individuals from Maafushi island of Kaafu atoll to Maduvvari island, onboard.

They went fishing onboard a boat from Maduvvari island.

MNDF revealed that the boat, which is used as a diving vessel, set out to fish in the waters near Raiymandhoo island of Meemu atoll.

MNDF’s Central Area Command, Coast Guard Third Squadron launched efforts to locate the missing fishing vessel at around 11:20pm on Friday.

Coast Guard Harbor Craft 114 is conducting a search party and UAVs have also been deployed to locate the vessel, via air.

Efforts are also underway to locate the vessel, by sea and air.

Sources have reported that the search is for two individuals onboard the vessel that went missing, including a 45-year-old and a 25-year-old, both men.

Details of the third individual onboard the missing vessel, have not been publicized.

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