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04 Feb 2024 | Sun 06:58
Majleehuge majority MDP ah libey manzaru feney: Raees Solih
Majleehuge majority MDP ah libey manzaru feney: Raees Solih
MDP Majlis primaries
Interim results of MDP parliamentary primaries, announced
49 members were given tickets without a primary
The primaries were held for 40 constituencies
149 candidates contested

The interim results of the main opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP)’s primaries held on Saturday to decide on the party’s candidates for the fast-approaching parliamentary elections, have been publicized.

The primaries were held for a total of 40 constituencies, on Saturday.

A total of 149 candidates contested in the primaries.

The MDP tickets for the upcoming parliamentary polls have been confirmed for:

  • Ali Asgaru for Baarah constituency
  • Ahmed Gaalib for Kelaa constituency
  • Abdul Ghafoor Moosa for Hanimaadhoo constituency
  • Ali Abdul Rahman for Nolhivaram constituency
  • Ali Waheed for South Kulhudhuffushi constituency
  • Mohamed Sinaan for Komandoo constituency
  • Abdulla Shaheed for Kendhikulhudhoo constituency
  • Ahmed Haroon for Manadhoo constituency
  • Mohamed Abdulla Shafeeq for Velidhoo constituency
  • Mohamed Rasheed Hussain for Alifushi constituency
  • Ibrahim Shiyam for Ungoofaaru constituency
  • Nasrulla Hussain for Maduvvari constituency
  • Aayathulla Hussain for Hithaadhoo constituency
  • Mauroof Zakir for Kendhoo constituency
  • Ahmed Yasir for Naifaru constituency
  • Abdulla Jabir for Kaashidhoo constituency
  • Ahmed Muaz Abdulla Jabir for Mahibadhoo constituency
  • Mohamed Niushaad for Keyodhoo constituency
  • Ahmed Haleem for Bilehdhoo constituency
  • Hamzath Dhon Manik for Kudahuvadhoo constituency
  • Adam Mohamed for Vilufushi constituency
  • Mohamed Nashiz for Kinbidhoo constituency
  • Ahmed Shuhadh for Isdhoo constituency
  • Ahmed Shakir for Maavah constituency
  • Saud Hussain for Villingili constituency
  • Zifleen Hassan for South Thinadhoo constituency
  • Ibrahim Naafiz for Madaveli constituency
  • Nazra Naseem for South Fuvahmulah constituency
  • Samiu Anwar for Hulhudhoo constituency
  • Ahmed Didi for Maradhoo constituency
  • Mohamed Shuau for Central Hithadhoo constituency
  • Mohamed Sabry for Meedhoo constituency
  • Ahmed Shareef for North Feydhoo constituency
  • Ahmed Aslam for Mathiveri constituency
  • Hussain Sameer for Thoddoo constituency
  • Ahmed Shamheed for South Hulhumalé constituency
  • Abdul Majeed Musharraf Abdul Razzaq for Vilimalé constituency
  • Ahmed Saleem for West Henveiru constituency
  • Safaath Ahmed Zahir for Central Hulhumalé constituency
  • Moosa Ali Manik for North Hulhumalé constituency

A total of 25,324 were eligible to vote in the MDP primaries, out of which 16,048 exercised their right to vote.

Further, a total of 49 members were given tickets without a primary.

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Reviewed by: Maryam Dhaanish Nasheed