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25 Jan 2024 | Thu 19:06
Naeema Moosa's murder
Naeema Moosa's murder
Naeema Moosa's murder
Thursday’s hearing in Naeema Moosa's murder trial, canceled
The charges raised against suspects include deliberate murder
Charges were raised against three
Hearings were cancelled due to difficulties in transporting convicts from Maafushi prison

A hearing in connection with the murder of Naeema Moosa has been canceled.

The hearing in connection with the charges raised against suspects linked to the case, was scheduled to be held at the Criminal Court at 9am as well as 11am.

These were the first hearing scheduled in connection with the charges in the murder trial.

However, the hearings were cancelled due to difficulties authorities faced in bringing in the convicts from Maafushi Prison.

The Prosecutor General’s Office (PG Office) in November 2023 revealed details of the charges raised against those arrested in the murder case.

Charges were raised against three; Ahuzam Abdul Shakoor, 23, Abdul Wahid Rifaas, 21 and Hassan Fawad, 21, all native to Manadhoo island of Noonu atoll.

The charges raised against them include deliberate murder of an individual using a sharp weapon, obstructing the administration of justice and misusing a corpse.

The charge on obstructing the administration of justice, was raised as they were accused of attempting to destroy the weapons used to murder Naeema by setting them on fire, and for attempting to destroy evidence.

They are charged with misusing the corpse on the grounds that they had locked the door of the house. As such, Shameem noted that the family had come to learn that such an act was carried out as a result of the actions of the accused on the body of Naeema, after 40 hours since the incident took place.

The Maldives Police Service (MPS) earlier revealed that they had collected some evidence in connection with the case after one of the accused confessed to the crime, and based on the information provided by him.

As such, police confiscated two sharp weapons suspected to have been used to kill the elderly woman, from the scene of the attack.

Officers recovered the items from a pit where the items were buried after they were set on fire.

The investigation in the case was conducted as a homicide investigation as authorities identified alleged loopholes in Naeema’s death.

DNA samples of some individuals who lived near the woman’s house were also collected in connection with the case, with officers having collected DNA samples from those who had gone looking for Naeema in her house as well.

The Manadhoo woman’s family filed a report at the police station after not having heard from her for two days. She is to have been living alone in the house.

Naeema was found dead inside her room after sundown. Her body was discovered by officers who broke down the door to her room. The elderly woman’s body was reportedly found with injuries.

The police institution declared that there were suspicions and red flags surrounding the woman’s death, which has been ruled as a homicide. After the forensic pathologist ruled out the need for an autopsy examination after collecting samples from the victim’s body, Naeema’s body was handed over to her family and buried the very next day.

The police had also monitored those traveling to and from the island, having declared that no one would be allowed to exit or enter the island without authorization as part of the operation.

The woman was employed by the island council as a sweeper, to clean the island and she is to have been absent for work for two days, when she was reported missing. According to the island council, Naeema was a good worker and had excellent attendance and performance records.

The murder took the country by storm, especially as the island has never reported such a heinous crime.

PG Office has since decided to continue to make the information linked to the case, public in the “general interest” section of their website in view of the fact that the details connected to the trial appears to be of public interest.

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