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15 Dec 2023 | Fri 16:59
Ali Shaahil, charged with first degree murder in connection with the murder of Shiaau Saeed
Ali Shaahil, charged with first degree murder in connection with the murder of Shiaau Saeed
Murder of Shiaau Saeed
Murder of Shiaau Saeed: court issues order to protect evidence
He was uncooperative during the investigation stage as well
Shaahil faces five charges
Shiaau's murder has been dubbed the most gruesome in Maldives’ recent history

Ali Shaahil, who is being tried in connection with the gruesome murder of Shiaau Mohamed Saeed, does not have a disability or incompetence to keep him from being held answerable to the charge sheet, says the Criminal Court.

A hearing in connection with the murder charges against Shaahil in connection with the gruesome murder, was held behind closed doors on Thursday.

Shaahil had maintained silent during Thursday’s hearing as well.

The court asserted that Shaahil did not have a disability holding him back from responding to the charges raised against him.

During Thursday’s hearing, an order to protect evidence in the trial was also issued, under which Shaahil will be allowed to examine the documents only to be examined at court.

The next hearing will be held for Shaahil to go through the documents and respond to the charges.

Further, the decision to not appoint a lawyer was also reached, as the Attorney General’s Office does not support the appointment of defence lawyers in the case.

Shiaau, a young woman aged 22, and native to Fuvahmulah City, was brutally slain inside an apartment in Sheereen Villa, an apartment building located in Henveiru district of the congested capital Malé City, in the early hours of 7 August 2022. Her body was sent abroad for an autopsy on 11 August 2022.

The gruesome murder shook the nation, and it was earlier revealed that the provisional autopsy report indicates that Shiaau succumbed to the injuries she had sustained.

Reports go on to indicate that her body attained injuries, even after she succumbed to the torture.

Authorities questioned more than 45 individuals and combed through multiple CCTV footages.

According to police, Shaahil had not cooperated in the investigation and remained unwilling to speak regarding the case directly. However, authorities had enough evidence to prove that Shaahil is Shiaau’s murderer. He has remained uncooperative so far in the trial as well.

Shaahil was arrested from the scene of the crime, the very same night. He faces five charges including deliberate murder, possession of pornography and using cannabis. The Prosecutor General’s Office did not disclose the details of the remaining two charges, out of respect for the family.

Shaahil who was arrested in connection with the gruesome manslaughter, was intoxicated at the time of his arrest from the scene of the crime where no one else was present. Shaahil was escorted to the police vehicle in a hazmat suit, as his body was reported to be covered in blood. Officers confirmed that the murder took place inside Shaahil’s apartment.

Temporary tests confirmed that Shaahil was in fact under the influence of narcotics.

Due to the severity of the crime and following requests by the victim’s family, authorities refrained from disclosing further details of the extent of injuries to Shiaau’s body.

Video clips circulating on social media have shown that Shiaau’s body was initially transported to the mortuary inside two different body bags, presumably filled with her dismembered body parts, her murder has been dubbed the most gruesome in Maldives’ recent history.

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