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09 Sep 2023 | Sat 14:28
People at Hithadhoo Sharafuddin School
People at Hithadhoo Sharafuddin School
Aishath Mohamed
2023 Presidential Election
Over 3,000 had cast their votes in Addu City Hithadhoo by noon
There are 25,936 eligible voters in Addu City in this year's presidential election
The voting process is ongoing peacefully
A candidate from Addu and two running mates are in competing in this year's presidential race

More than 3,000 individuals had cast their ballots in Addu City’s Hithadhoo district by noon, in the ongoing 2023 Presidential Election.

The southernmost city’s Mayor Ali Nizar has also cast his vote in the presidential race, which is being contested by a candidate from Addu City alongside two running mates.

Mayor Nizar cast his ballot at the polling station in Hithadhoo Sharafuddin School.

Addu City, which has the highest political base of all parties except for capital Malé City, is witnessing a peaceful voting process, with individuals queuing up at polling stations to exercise their right to vote, peacefully.

Long queues were observed at the polling booths stationed across the southernmost city, since 7am on Saturday.

Mayor Nizar has stated that the voting process in the island is going on peacefully without any violence or disruptions observed so far.

A total of 12,399 eligible voters are currently residing in Hithadhoo district. A total of 15 polling stations have been set up in the district. These include five ballot boxes in Hithadhoo School, five at Nooraanee School, four at Sharafuddin School and one in Addu High School.

Addu City has a total count of 25,936 eligible voters.

Other than the two stationed at Sharafuddin School, voting had commenced at all other polling stations in Hithadhoo district by 8am.

Voting commenced at the Sharafuddin School polling station, half an hour late. This delay was caused by an issue of some party banners and tents being allowed to be put up in front of the polling booths, with which monitors and observers had submitted complaints.

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