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05 Sep 2023 | Tue 15:51
Addu land reclamation
Addu land reclamation
Ahmed Faris
Addu land reclamation
Addu land reclamation project wrapped up
The land reclamation project was completed in August
80 hectares were reclaimed in Hithadhoo
76 hectares of land were reclaimed in Maradhoo and Maradhoo Feydhoo

As part of the efforts to develop Addu City, the land reclamation project initiated on the southernmost city has been completed.

The Ministry of National Planning, Housing and Infrastructure revealed that the project was wrapped up in August.

The physical work for the project commenced in June.

A total of 228 hectares of land were reclaimed under the scope of the project, including 76 hectares from Maradhoo and Maradhoo-Feydhoo and 80 from Hithadhoo.

The land reclamation project was initiated with the purpose of developing resorts, carrying out housing projects and for business purposes.

Further, 25 hectares were reclaimed, of which 8.3 hectares will be allocated each for three islands being developed as resorts, and an additional 4.72 hectares of land reclaimed in Hankede.

As the islands approved for resort development will be opened for bidding soon, Addu City council has already approved the names of these islands; ‘Bolihera’, ‘Dhondheenihera’ and ‘Dhonhera’.

The Addu land reclamation project was contracted to Van Oud Dredging of Netherlands and was carried out under an USD 800 million line of credit facility from India’s Exim Bank.

According to the planning ministry, 75 percent of the project has been completed and currently being carried out is the process of shore protection on the reclaimed areas.

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