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14 Jul 2023 | Fri 04:26
President Solih in Kaafu atoll Maafushi island for campaign tour
President Solih in Kaafu atoll Maafushi island for campaign tour
President ends Kaafu atoll campaign tour
President Solih ends Kaafu atoll campaign tour
The president was accorded a warm welcome in all three islands
He poured pledges onto the island communities
President Solih visited three islands as part of the tour

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has wrapped up his campaign tour of Kaafu atoll.

The Maldivian leader embarked on the three-island tour of Kaafu atoll as part of his campaign for re-election in the upcoming Presidential election, on Thursday.

President Solih first visited Gulhi island as part of the tour, where he officially inaugurated the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP)’s campaign site on the island.

Speaking to residents of Gulhi island, President Solih stated that the land reclamation project initiated for the island would commence in September 2023.

He also assured that the island is included on the top of the list of islands where the administration plans to establish an ATM center.

President Solih visited Guraidhoo island as the second destination of his brief campaign tour.

Speaking to island residents, the president highlighted that he would include projects to build row houses and housing units on the island, under his manifesto.

He also pledged to provide plots of land from the island to residents, even if it meant changes required to be brought to the law.

Maafushi island was the final leg of his tour, where a campaign rally was held after sundown on Thursday.

Speaking at the rally, President Solih claimed that the administration had completed 90 percent of the pledges made to the island community as well as other outlying atolls, even in the face of multiple challenges.

The president added that the unity and joy observed in Maafushi island is the result of peace and unity established in the country during his administration, adding that this was the sole reason why the guesthouse businesses were flourishing on the island and why development projects were progressing well on the island.

President Solih remarked that unity, peace and bliss are observed within communities nationwide, because MDP remains in power.

The president was accorded a warm welcome in all three islands.

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