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02 Jul 2023 | Sun 22:31
Gulhifalhu bin hikkun ifthithaahu kohdhevvun
Gulhifalhu bin hikkun ifthithaahu kohdhevvun
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Gulhifalhu land reclamation project
Gulhifalhu land reclamation work officially commences
An additional 150 hectares of land will be reclaimed from Gulhifalhu
2,000 plots of land will be issued from Gulhifalhu
The president has decided to issue 6,200 plots of land under the ‘Binveriyaa’ scheme, this time round

Work under the second phase of Gulhifalhu land reclamation project has officially commenced.

The process of reclaiming extra land from Gulhifalhu for the allocation of plots of land under the ‘Binveriyaa’ housing scheme, initiated under the ‘Gedhoruverin’ programme launched by the administration to address the housing crisis facing the residents of the Greater Malé Region, officially began on Sunday.

The inauguration ceremony was held at Gulhifalhu on Sunday and President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih officially inaugurated the work, alongside Minister of National Planning, Housing and Infrastructure Mohamed Aslam and other senior government officials.

Taking the podium at the event, President Solih highlighted that a total of 68 hectares of land have already been reclaimed in Gulhifalhu and that the second phase of the project has officially commenced on Sunday.

Under the second phase of the initiative, an additional 150 hectares of land will be reclaimed, with which the total figure will increase to 218 hectares.

The government initially announced that 5,000 land plots will be issued under the ‘Binveriyaa’ scheme. However, President Solih announced that the number has been increased to 6,200, during Sunday’s ceremony.

This includes 2,000 plots from Gulhifalhu, 2,000 from Giraavarufalhu and 2,200 plots from Hulhumalé.

The government is also exploring ways to increase land plots to be issued from Gulhifalhu and Giraavaru.

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