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20 Mar 2023 | Mon 15:46
The capital city
The capital city
Covid-19 community transmission
Maldives confirms 11 new Covid-19 cases within a week
No new fatalities were reported from Covid-19 this past week
Maldives Covid-19 case tally currently sits at 185,755
Over the past week, Maldives confirmed two new hospital admissions as well

Maldives confirmed 11 new Covid-19 cases in the past week.

This was revealed by the Health Protection Agency (HPA) in its latest figures publicized on Monday.

As such, over the past week, Maldives confirmed 11 new Covid-19 infections, out of which nine cases were confirmed from the Greater Malé Region, one was detected from others including industrial islands, liveaboard vessels and resorts and one new infection was confirmed from residential islands outside of the capital.

The public health authority also recorded two new hospital admissions between March 12 – 18.

With this development, Maldives Covid-19 case tally currently sits at 185,755.

No new fatalities were reported from Covid-19 this past week, which means that the coronavirus death toll remains at 311.

Maldives reported its first Covid-19 fatality in April 2020.

Although there was a rise in the Covid-19 caseload in the past year, cases have begun dropping once more. A significant rise was observed especially in the capital region, at that time.

Even if the caseload has been decreasing, the public is advised to keep public and open spaces clean and disinfected at all times, on a regular basis. Stressing on the importance of regular sanitization and hand-washing, HPA also urged the public to get their vaccine doses against Covid-19.

The public health authority went on to encourage the public to continue the use of face masks if they are considered high risk or have high risk individuals in their circle, when out in public, if they exhibit symptoms, if they attend gatherings or events with large crowds of people, while using public transport vehicles like taxis, busses and ferries as well as while attending indoor activities and other places where public services are provided. This comes at a time the authority has also urged caution against the increasing air pollution across several regions in the country.

Maldives has been experiencing a surge in common cold cases as well in the past few weeks, due to the adverse effects of the monsoon season. Hence, it is important to follow safety precautions. As places that provide healthcare services are usually filled with high-risk individuals, HPA has urged the people to wear face masks when visiting hospitals health centers and clinics for the safety of everyone. The public health authority has also urged the people to limit hospital visitations and not visit hospitals unless necessary.

HPA announced a number of measures to tighten health and safety restrictions in a bid to curb the spread of Covid-19 across the island nation earlier this year.

The state of public health emergency declared nationwide on 12 March 2020, was dissolved starting 13 March 2022.

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