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08 Sep 2022 | Thu 18:23
PPM councilor Ahmed Nareesh
PPM councilor Ahmed Nareesh
The case of fraud in Aarah
Nareesh's two-sided memory
Narish does not remember the answers to many of the questions asked by the prosecution
Nareesh said he counted the money in Yameen's presence and it was in two bags
When he arrived at Yameen's house, the money was on the floor of the living room

PPM councilor Ahmed Nareesh, Vaavu Aarah, has testified in the Criminal Court as a defense witness in the fraud case. The testimony, which lasted about 45 minutes, was nonetheless pretty interesting.

First, the President Yameen’s lawyers questioned the witness. Nareesh told us that President Yameen called him and explained what he had said.

Nareesh said that he had to do something big and that President Yameen had recieved dollars from Yoosuf Naeem and that he should hand over the Maldivian Rufiyaa to Yoosuf Naeem. That’s $1 million dollars, 15 million in Maldivian Rufiyaa.

Nareesh recalled that they were 500 bundles.

At Gaafu Dhoovehi, he counted it in the presence of President Yameen and the money was in two bags, he said. Without any hesitation, Nareesh continued to answer the questions.

Nareesh immediately said where he had put the money in the car. He then handed over the money to Yoosuf Naeem's house and after handing over the money, Yoosuf Naeem counted it in front of him, Nareesh said.

Then the prosecution questioned the witness. However, it may be because of the questions asked by the prosecution. Nareesh replied slightly. Nareesh does not remember many of the questions asked by the prosecution.

Nareesh said he did not remember the phone number he had at the time. That may be the case. Perhaps Nareesh is so frequently changing numbers. If so, he may have forgot.

He said he came to hand over the money in a friend's car and he does not remember what brand it was. He may remember how he got in the car, how he acted after he got in, what side of the car he put the money in, but he just might not remember what brand of car it was.

Nareesh said the money was on the floor of the living room when he arrived at Yameen's house. There was a man named Abdullah and President Yameen, Nareesh said.

Narish said he counted the $1 million by hand, but could not remember the exact time it took. Given the reason the prosecution asked the question, it is not just the prosecution that wanted to ask the question.

There is no reason why people should not be surprised when Nareesh says he counted Rf 15 million by hand. It takes at least two hours for a bank machine to count the money without stopping. The prosecution is not surprised to ask how long it took to count the money.

Nareesh does not remember the answer to that question, he said. Not only the time it took to count the money. Nareesh said he does not remember whether he counted the $1 million on another day.

At Dhoovehi during President Yameen's visit, Nareesh said he does not remember what time of day he arrived. Nareesh said it was a good day. He said you may remember the weather, the shape of the clouds, and the wind, but you may not remember whether it was morning, noon, or night.

The main thing that stood out was that Nareesh's memory problems arose from the questions asked by the prosecution. Perhaps the questions of the state are so difficult and too much to think about.

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