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16 Aug 2022 | Tue 08:15
Hiyaa youth centre
Hiyaa youth centre
New youth center in phase 2
A youth center opened in the Hiyaa flat area
the center was made by the Youth ministry
the center has many activities

A youth center has been opened up in the Hulhumale’ Phase 2 Hiyaa flat area.

The building of the youth center was through the ministry of youth sports and community empowerment. The center is located on the ground floor of the 10th tower.

The youth ministry says the center was built to create a more enjoyable environment for the residents of the Hiyaa flats with the cooperation of HDC, the center, will be open to children, adolescents and everyone that lives in the Hiyaa flats according to the youth ministry.

The youth center has many facilities. Tabletop football, table tennis and carrom and cards are some activities to name a few.

In the ceremony held on Monday the youth center was opened by the youth minister Ahmed Mahloof. After the opening ceremony Mahloof said there is work being put into to broaden the facilities of the youth center in the near future.

As more people are moving to the Hiyaa area the government is working towards having more facilities available. Currently, there is a clinic readily available as well as a number of shops and a school is in the process of being built.

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