Dhiri Ulhumakee Meebaa?

RaajjeTV responds to 'Dhiri Ulhumakee Meebaa' controversy

  • Creator Yoosay had expressed concern over RaajjeTV's decision to not air Dhiri Ulhumakee Meebaa episodes
  • RaajjeTV said the decision was made after learning that Yoosay had signed a deal with another TV station
  • Dhiri Ulhumakee Meebaa has been on hiatus for the last four years

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Yoosay with RaajjeTV's COO Hussain Fiyaz Moosa - RaajjeMV

RaajjeTV has responded to 'Dhiri Ulhumakee Meebaa' controversy, with its creator Yoosuf ‘Yoosay’ Rafeeu recently issuing a statement over the station’s decision not to air the latest episodes of the long-running series.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, Yoosay expressed concern over RaajjeTV’s decision, adding that the station did not have an exceptable reason to not air the episodes. Dhiru Ulhumakee Meebaa was scheduled 10 pm on Friday, during this Ramadan.

Yoosay further noted that his production studio, Buhaaree Films was not at fault in the matter, and that RaajjeTV had decided not to air the show days after he had given them the first episode.

In a tweet published in Dhivehi on Wednesday night, RaajjeTV said that the decision to not air Dhiri Ulhumakee Meebaa was made after learning that Buhaaree Films had made an agreement with another TV station to air the same show, despite signing an exclusivity deal with RaajjeTV.

Dhiru Ulhumakee Meebaa is a comedy show, which was popular in the nineties, giving it's lead actor, Yoosay, instant fame. The show has been on hiatus for the last for years.

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