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07 Oct 2021 | Thu 23:27
Maldives' third match in the Ooredoo SAFF Championship 2021
Maldives' third match in the Ooredoo SAFF Championship 2021
Ooredoo SAFF Championship 2021
Ooredoo SAFF Championship 2021: important win for Maldives against Bangladesh!
Maldives won 2 - 0
Ali Ashfaq and Hamza Mohamed scored the two goals for Maldives
Maldives lost its first match of the tournament, however, this win amps up the team's chances

Maldives has pulled its first, and utterly important win in the biggest football carnival of the South Asian region, the “Ooredoo SAFF Championship 2021" against Bangladesh.

During the game held at the National Football Stadium on Thursday night, Maldives beat Bangladesh 2 – 0.

Players from Bangladesh team showed a good performance into the beginning of the first half, with Maldives goalie Mohamed Faisal blocking an attempt to score by forward Biplo Ahmed.

Maldives team saw the first change made, after player Assad Ali got injured 27 minutes in.

Hussain Nihan got an excellent opportunity to score in the first half, to no avail as he missed the net.

In the time added to the first half, football star Ali Ashfaq attempted to score within a penalty, which was blocked by Bangladesh goalie Anisur Rahman Zico.

Maldives took the lead 10 minutes into the beginning of the second half of the match, by Hamza Mohamed.

The Bangladeshi team’s goalie was caught napping as Ashfaq scored an easy second goal on a penalty shot, that boosted the team’s chances on the table. This score came in the 73rd minute.

With this important win, Maldives moved up the table to third spot, with three points acquired in two matches played. Nepal tops the table having pulled wins in both matches played, securing six points. Bangladesh comes second with four points.

India currently stands in the fourth spot with two points and Sri Lanka falls to the bottom of the table with one point.

Maldives will go up against Sri Lanka on October 10, next, followed by a game against India on October 13.

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