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14 Sep 2021 | Tue 16:45
Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Finance
Covid-19 response expenditure
Covid-19 health, social expenditure reaches MVR 2,106.9 million
34.5 percent of the total health and social spending was committed-spending
The total economic response expenditure sits at MVR 1,773.4 million
Ministry of Health was recorded as the top contributor between September 2 - 9

The government’s total Covid-19 expenditure related to the health and social sectors, has reached MVR 2,106.9 million.

According to latest statistics publicized by the Ministry of Finance on Monday, between September 2 – 9 expenditures related to health social sectors saw a 0.04 percent increase from the week before. During the review period, there were no additional disbursements made under the Economic Response Package. The total expenses linked to the economic response efforts recorded by September 9 sits at MVR 1,773.4 million, unchanged from the week prior.

34.5 percent of the total health and social spending was committed spending during the review period.

Government institutions have thus far spent a total of MVR 1,106.7 million on supplies and requisites for service provision, MVR 204.8 million for operational services as well as MVR 201.9 million for capital equipment and MVR 170.3 million for allowances to employees.

During the review period Ministry of Health registered the highest spending towards Covid-19 health and social response efforts, a majority of which covered supplies and requisites for service provision. The second highest contributor was identified by the ministry as the National drug Agency on supplies and requisites for service provision.

As per the latest figures, the highest expenditure thus far has been registered by the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), at MVR 869.2 million. The top contribution by NDMA was for supplies and requisites for service provision at MVR 363.6 million under its domestic budget. The authority has spent 84.1 million in grants, contributions and subsidies under its Disaster Management Fund.

The Ministry of Health remains the second highest contributor for the Covid-19 social and health response efforts, having spent a total of MVR 805.8 million of which MVR 565.1 million was for supplies and requisites for service provision.

Out of the MVR 192.7 million IGMH has spent so far on health and social response efforts since it began, MVR 164.7 million was for supplies and requisites for service provision.

Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF) has spent MVR 67.6 million overall, out of which MVR 48.4 million was for employee wages. Maldives Police Service (MPS) has spent a total of MVR 31.6 million thus far of which MVR 27.4 million was for employee allowances.

Throughout the response efforts, the National Social Protection Agency (NSPA) has also spent MVR 49.3 million, for grants, contributions and subsidies.

Further the National Drug Agency has contributed MVR 1.6 million in the health and social expenses, whereas the Hulhumalé Hospital has spent MVR 3.6 million by September 9.

MVR 40.8 million out of the total health and social expenses was from the Ministry of National Planning, Housing and Infrastructure. The Maldives Immigration has also spent MVR 900,000. Other contributors include the Ministry of Higher Education having spent MVR 3.3 million, the Ministry of Tourism with MVR 29.2 million in expenses and the Gender Ministry at MVR 4.5 million in expenses. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has thus far spent MVR 6.8 million, all on grants, contributions and subsidies.

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