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06 Aug 2021 | Fri 00:31
(File photo)Eases will be effective from August 6
(File photo)Eases will be effective from August 6
Covid-19 safety measures
Maldives eases more Covid-19 restrictions, effective from Friday
Restaurants and other food outlets have been allowed to resume normal operations
No restrictions for number of people invited to gatherings, parties and events as well
Schools, universities and colleges have also been opened for normal sessions

Maldivian authorities have announced more eases for restrictions and safety measures still place in a bid to control the spread of Covid-19 across Maldives.

During a press conference hosted by the Health Emergency Operations Center (HEOC) on Thursday evening, HEOC Spokesperson Dr. Nazla Rafeeq revealed that the eases to restrictions will be effective from August 6.

As such, restaurants, cafés and other food outlets are allowed to resume normal operations during their normal operational hours.

Further, individuals will also be allowed to host parties, gatherings and other social events without any limitations or restrictions to the number of attendees or invitees, so long as they adhere to the safety guidelines set forth by the Health Protection Agency (HPA) to help control the spread of coronavirus. As such, gatherings, parties and social events are urged to be held in open spaces, where social distancing is followed and the face mask mandate is also adhered to.

In addition Dr. Nazla revealed that offices will be allowed to resume normal operations, with employees now allowed to attend their workplace.

Schools, universities and colleges have also been opened for normal sessions.

Further announcing that Maldives will stop the administration of AstraZeneca vaccination’s first doses from September, Dr. Nazla noted that eases will also be given to the restrictions currently enforced for domestic travel.

As such, individuals from islands where the positivity rate is below five percent may travel to islands where 90 percent of the population above 12 years of age, above 60 years of age and employees at guesthouses are vaccinated, without the need to do PCR testing.

As such, once the required percentage of the island population is vaccinated, domestic travel will be allowed without the need to provide PCR test results.

The employees at guesthouses in islands with flourishing local tourism, are required to be 95 percent vaccinated as well.

Dr. Nazla went on to reveal that those who are eligible to receive Covid-19 vaccinate but have not been administered a single dose, will be exempt from this ease. They will be required to do PCR testing, and they will also need to pay for the PCR test themselves.

Cases across the Maldives populous capital Malé City, also known as the Covid-19 epicenter of the island nation, have been reported in significantly low daily numbers over the past weeks. Authorities have been able to control a drastic and more infections fourth wave confirmed in May, through the implementation of stricter measures.

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