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Two Maldivians scheduled to return from India, test positive for Covid-19

  • They are a patient and a caregiver
  • They will be required to undergo the 14-day quarantine period before being allowed to return
  • Three patients from the second batch who tested positive on July 14, have recovered

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Two Maldivians who flew to neighboring India for medical treatment, have tested positive for the coronavirus infection, before their return.

Aasandha company, Maldives health insurance scheme administrator revealed that the two Maldivians to have tested positive were one that sought treatment from the Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS) Hospital on July 29 and the second was the caregiver of another patient.

The company further revealed that although the patient of the caregiver who tested positive has completed the required medical treatment, the caregiver is required to complete 14 days in quarantine in India before being allowed to return.

According to the protocols being followed, travelers must test negative for the virus before being permitted to travel and also should test negative before returning back.

Further, the patient who contracted the infection will be provided the treatment required without interruption, said Aasandha.

The company went on to reveal that a patient and three caregivers from the second batch of Maldivian patients who sought treatment from Amrita Hospital on July 14, had also tested positive for the virus. Three out of the four patients have since recovered and their results have also come back negative. The remaining is one of the caregivers that tested positive.

The government facilitated travel for Maldivian patients requiring critical treatment from abroad, after discussions with the Indian authorities. Since then, three batches of patients and caregivers from the Maldives have traveled to the neighboring nation.

Aasandha’s work is joined by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which will be facilitating travel of patients requiring urgent critical care that is not covered under Aasandha.

Patients as well as caregivers will only be allowed to travel after the required authorization from Indian authorities, even if it is approved by the ministry.

In addition, they will be required to obtain medical visas from the Indian High Commission in Maldives and arrange their own stay as well as quarantine arrangements.

Aasandha revealed that they provide accommodation to the patients.

India closed its borders following the Covid-19 pandemic, and the High Commissioner of India to the Maldives, Sunjay Sudhir has stressed that its citizens abroad are currently unable to return as well.

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