Raudha Athif

Strangulations marks were found around Raudha's neck, reports Dhaka Tribune

  • Raudha was found hanging from the ceiling fan in her dorm room on Wednesday
  • RMP Commissioner Shafikul told Dhaka Tribune that strangulation marks were found on her neck
  • Raudha became the first and only Maldivian to be featured on the cover of Vogue magazine, in October 2016

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Raudha Athif - Shifaz (Sotti)

Strangulation marks were found around Raudha Athif’s neck, who was found hanging in her dorm room, says Rajshahi Metropolitan Police Commissioner Shafikul.

Speaking to Dhaka Tribune, the Commissioner had said that ‘"strangulations marks were found around neck”.

The Maldivian fashion model, who had been getting recognition internationally, was found hanging from the ceiling fan with a scarf around her neck in her dorm room.

Dhaka Tribune reports that Raudha’s friends had, on Wednesday morning, gone to look for her after she missed breakfast, only to find her hanging from the ceiling through the window.

Noting that “she had set up a pillow on a chair on top of her bed to reach the fan”, Commissioner Shafikul said that they “are not ruling out suicide”.

While Raudha’s body has been sent to the morgue, RMP Assistant Commissioner Iftekhar Alam told the news source that they will only conduct an autopsy "after her family arrives from Maldives".

Raudha’s family is to have left for Bangladesh, with a team from Maldives Police Service (MPS), from whom they had requested assistance.

Raudha 'the Maldivian girl with aqua blue eyes' became the first and only Maldivian to grace the cover of Vogue Magazine India, in October 2016.

A photo of her in the turqouise sea, taken by photographer Mohamed "Sotti" Shifaz had gone viral over two years ago, landing her one of the top spots in the Maldivian fashion industry.

Well-wishers and supporters have been using social media to send out condolences to her family and friends, as well as express their sadness over her passing.


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