Dhiraagu Dhivehi League 2019

Dhiraagu Dhivehi League: Maziya beats defending champion T.C.

  • Maziya won by a score of 4-1.
  • Asadulla scored 2 goals, while Stewart and Ibbe scored 1 each for Maziya
  • T.C.s goal was scored by by Ismail Easa (a.k.a Messi)

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Maziya vs. T.C. Sports Club at Dhiraagu Dhivehi League - FAM

Maziya Sports and Recreation Club has defeated reigning champion T.C. Sports Club at the ongoing Dhiraagu Dhivehi League.

Maziya won the match held on Thursday night at Galolhu Football Stadium in capital city Malé by a score of 4-1.

Both teams put up an equal fight during the first half of the match with ample chances to score. Likewise, As'ad Abdulla lost a golden opportunity to score a goal at the 42nd minute.

During the second half, T.C. stepped up their game and went on the offensive. As such, T.C.'s Mohamed Saadh attempted at scoring at the 49th minute but was blocked by Maaziya's keeper. Nevertheless, the tables turned when Maaziya's Stewart scored a goal allowing them to take the lead at the 51st minute. Shortly after, As'adulla Abdulla scored a second goal at the 58th minute for the team.

T.C. retaliated by scoring with a free-kick at the 75th minute of the match by Ismail Easa (a.k.a Messi) but a mistake by T.C's defenders allowed As'adulla to score the third goal for Maaziya at the 84th minute.

Following Asadulla's goal, Maaziya heightened their offence. The final goal of the match was scored by Ibrahim Waheed (a.k.a Ibbe).

After the match, T.C.'s coach Shaazly stated that while the team aimed to win but luck was not in their favour. He also added that the team played well in the first half but their performance dropped in the second.

Maziya's coach, Marjan Sekulovski, stated that while T.C. put up an intense fight during the match, his team succeeded due to the stellar performance of the players.

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