Anti Torture Act

MP Jeehan criticizes the high amount of unresolved murders despite Anti Torture Act

  • 7 years have passed since Anti Torture Act was established
  • Jeehan made the statement while speaking on RaajjeTV's "FalaSuruhee" program
  • Jeehan stated that only 1 out of 200 torture cases investigated by HRCM went to trial

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Murdered people in the past few years - RaajjeMV

MP for Hinnavaru constituency, Jeehan Mahmood has criticized the low number of convictions for murder under the Anti Torture Act since its ratification seven years ago.

While speaking on RaajjeTV's "FalaSuruhee" program, Jeehan highlighted that despite the fact that the Anti Torture Act has been in effect for the past seven years since its ratification in 2013, no convictions have been made under the act so far.

Jeehan, the Chair member of the parliament's Committee on Human Rights and Gender, stated that not a single person has been held accountable under the Anti-Torture Act, thus, indicating problems within the legislation.

No action has been taken in the past few years towards the people committing heinous murders and other inhumane acts. The Anti-Torture Act was passed in 2013, yet not a single person has been held accountable as 2020 approaches. Nor has any convictions been made under the act.

~ MP for Hinnavaru constituency, Jeehan Mahmood

According to Jeehan, these criminals guilty of murder and torture are under the protection of certain members within the government.

She went onto note that while the Human Rights Commission of the Maldives (HRCM) investigated over 200 cases of torture, charges were only pressed for only five cases, with the Prosecutor General taking only one of those five cases to trial.

While the number of murders has risen and unsolved deaths have risen in the past few years, many have alleged that this is due to neglect from the relevant authorities. As such, the incumbent administration has established a parliament committee on Human Rights and Gender who has been investigating a number of incidents at a swift pace.

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