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Parliament approves president's nominations for Supreme Court bench

  • Committee approved the nominations on December 2
  • Muthasim was approved with 68 votes
  • Suood was approved with 64 votes

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R-L) Ahmed Muthasim Adnan and Husnu Al Suood - RaajjeMV

The parliament has approved President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih's nominations for the Chief Justice and an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court.

Ahmed Muthasim Adnan was approved for the position of Chief Justice of the Supreme Court by 68 votes. Husnu Al Suood was approved for the position of Associate Justice of the Supreme Court bench by 64 votes. One member voted against appointing Suood to the Supreme Court bench.

The parliament's Judiciary Committee approved both nominations on December 2.

Muthasim and Suood were nominated for the vacancies left behind by former Chief Justice Ahmed Abdulla Didi and Justice Adam Mohamed Abdulla. Both justices were dismissed through parliament on November 18 for disciplinary issues, while Justice Abdulla Didi was dismissed in August. Justice Abdulla Areef resigned last month.

Muthasim Adnan was previously a supreme court justice until he was removed from the bench alongside Chief Justice Ahmed Faiz Hussain, following an amendment by former President Yameen's administration, which reduced the number of members on the Supreme court bench to five members from the original seven members.

Husnu Suood is a prominent lawyer and has been in the role of attorney-general in the past. Moreover, he is currently the head of the Presidential Commission on Murders and Enforced Disappearances.

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