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Many difficulties facing housing policy: MP Abdulla

  • Land doesnt belong to a specific group of people
  • Flats awarded to people unfairly

K. Male' 2019 Oct 10 | Thu 12:57 local 1,648

Buildings under construction in Hulhumale' - Thahaarah Mohamed Waheed

Baraah Constituency MP Ahmed Abdulla has stated that the current work on housing policies is being hindered due to past malfeasances carried out during the previous administration.

While speaking on Raajje TV's "fala Surukhee" programme, Abdulla said the previous administration carried out many fraudulent practices in its housing policy.

He noted that flats were awarded to people unfairly and many deserving people were overlooked in favor of people who did not qualify. He added that many citizens have complained about this issue and it is the government's duty to sort out the matter.

He explained that the current administration is facing many difficulties in its many efforts to providing adequate housing as a result of past corruption by President Yaameen's government. Nevertheless, he assured that every effort is being put in to provide proper housing and that the policy will be fast-tracked by the parliament.

Moreover, Abdulla highlighted that even though the government provides everyone their basic rights, every individual has the right to choose where they want to live. He added that land doesn't belong to any specific group of people, therefore, every citizen has an equal opportunity to housing whether that is in Hulhumale', Vilimale', Gulhifalhu or any other island in the Maldives.

Especially the artificial islands. Those islands are built on tax-payer money and so are inclusive of everyone. Therefore those islands do not belong to any specific group or individual, neither do any other islands. For example, a male' resident may want to live on another island one day, so should they be excluded from doing so? That's not possible.

~ MP Abdulla

Furthermore, he pointed out that while many people face difficulties in finding appropriate housing, many islands in the Maldives have plots of land left abandoned for 15-20 years. MP Abdulla also said that work is being put towards solving these issues with housing and everyone will be given a fair chance in their application.

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