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Local Facebook page mocking Islam, blocked

  • While the page 'Juhaa' has been blocked, authorities are investigating other similar pages

Aishath Shaany

K. Male' 2019 Sep 26 | Thu 17:12 2,633 local

Cover photo - Mohamed Sharuhaan

A local Facebook page mocking Islam has been blocked, revealed authorities.

The police service said that Facebook blocked the page ‘Juhaa’ on Wednesday, following its request to do so; the said page had over 4,000 likes.

In addition, police noted that they have also requested to block the ‘Dhivehi Atheists’ page -which has over 3,500 likes.

Police are also investigating these social media pages, to identify their admins.

This comes after authorities faced backlash over the delay in taking action against the pages.

A man was arrested from Thinadhoo island of Gaafu Dhaalu atoll earlier this month, after he publicly mocked Islam.

Maldives boasts of having a “100%” Muslim population and requires all citizens to be Muslim.

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