Azima Shakoor

Case documents handed over to Azima Shakoor

  • Azima is charged with aiding in money laundering and providing false statement to police
  • She is accused to helping former President Yameen
  • Yameen was also charged with money laundering in February

K. Male' 2019 Jul 11 | Thu 12:48 local 3,520

Azima Shakoor - Mohamed Sharuhaan

Criminal Court has on Thursday handed over the case documents in the charges against former Legal Affairs Minister Azima Shakoor.

While she was charged with aiding and abetting money laundering in February, the court had been unable to serve her a summon notice until this month.

As per the Criminal Procedure Act, case documentations must be handed over to a defendant prior to the commencement of a trial.

The court is yet to announce a date for the preliminary hearing.

While money laundering charges have been raised against former President Abdulla Yameen, in relation to the Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) embezzlement case, Azima is accused of aiding this.

She is also charged with providing a false statement to authorities, in the same case.

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