Parliament approves a number of key bills at Tuesday's sitting

  • Parilament approved the Transitional Justice Bill, Amendment to the Decentralization Bill, Bill to Strengthen Independent Institutions, and Bill on Pesticides,

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The parliament has approved a number of key bills at Tuesday’s sitting.


Transitional Justice Commission

The parliament has approved the bill to establish a Transitional Justice Commission to investigate any violation of human rights by state institutions in the last seven years.

The government-sponsored bill was approved with the votes of 42 MPs at Tuesday’s sitting.

The Transitional Justice Bill was proposed on April 15 by MP Imthiyaz Fahmy.

The bill states that the commission will investigate state and state-owned institutions and its leaders from January 2012 to November 2018 for any human rights violations.


Amendment to the Decentralization Act

The parliament has approved an amendment bill to the Decentralization Act to allow councils to establish businesses and set quotas for female council members.

45 MPs approved the government-proposed amendment bill for consideration at Tuesday’s sitting.

Addu Meedhoo MP Rozaina initially sponsored the bill, which was prepared by the Attorney General. However, since she was absent at Tuesday’s sitting, South Hithadhoo MP Ali Nizar had proposed the bill.

The amendment bill proposes to make 33 percent of the council members women, limit the number of council members depending on the city’s population, designate individual council members for each island, transfer responsibility of the water supply and sewerage systems to the council and give them 40% of the state’s lease payments and five percent of the state budget.


Bills to strengthen independent institutions

The government-proposed bills to strengthen independent institutions have been sent for committee review.

The bills propose to amend the regulations on the Elections Commission, Anti-Corruption Commission, and the Audit Office.

The purpose of the bills is to increase the efficiency and independence of these institutions, as part of the government’s 100-day pledges.


Pesticides Bill

Parliament has approved the government-proposed bill on agricultural pesticides.

The bill was submitted by Felidhoo MP Ahmed Marzooq and its first hearing was on April 15.

At Tuesday’s sitting, the bill was approved with the votes of 42 MPs and has been sent for committee review.

The bill proposes to regulate the use and quality of pesticides by establishing laws on the import, export, and sale of pesticides. MPs have said that the bill is important for the development of the agricultural industry.

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